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Relational OS launch!

October 8–October 15, 2015

Authentic Europe is excited to be part of the launch of the Relational OS upgrade.

Many of you have asked how to learn authentic relating without going to the US for half a year or more, how to grow your relational intelligence, how to do this hard thing of developing the soft skills?

So this is the answer: join the global Relational OS upgrade.

Authentic Europe has grown from the work pioneered by Authentic World, now the Integral Center. With us, thousands have gone through their trainings and consistently report how the positive impact of their lives and relationships thanks to learning and practicing these skill-sets.

And going over there is quite the investment in time, effort and money. So now they’ve distilled it back into an online course. And if enough people sign up via Authentic Europe, we’ll host the calls and maybe even a bonus weekend!

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